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  1. The Constitution of the United States

    The Constitution of the United States

    Included among the most significant and most rewarding accomplishments of the Boy Scouts during its history (in terms of benefiting American citizenry) has been wholehearted support given to the Bicentennial of the US Constitution. The programs and activities of Scouting enables youngsters to understand and value the meaning of (and their responsibility to) the Constitution. Learn More
  2. Pocket Tutor™ Guide Edible Wild Plants

    Pocket Tutor™ Guide Edible Wild Plants

    This pocket guide is an introduction to familiar North American species of edible wild plants. The guide highlights primarily widespread edible plants and a few dangerous poisonous plants. The information is intended for reference only and should supplement a field guide or training program that provides detailed information on identification of edible plants. This laminated 12 page fold out has colored pictures of plants and a vivid description of each plant. Learn More
  3. Pinewood Derby® Speed Secrets

    Pinewood Derby® Speed Secrets

    This book helps you build a stronger relationship with your child as you work side-by-side to build the ultimate winning car! From author David Meade, who got his start as a boy in the PWD, the book is filled with extremely useful information as well as tried and true techniques, to take you step-by-step with instructions, photos, and diagrams. Paperback, 128 pages. Learn More
  4. Boy Scout™ Troop Program Features, Vol. 3 (Spanish)

    Boy Scout™ Troop Program Features, Vol. 3 (Spanish)

    This book will assist the Spanish speaking scoutmaster and senior patrol leader plan meetings for their troop. Topics covered in this issue are: physical fitness, pioneering, public service, safety, science, shooting, special cooking, sports, tracking, wilderness survival, wildlife management, and winter camping. Also includes troop meeting plans for each topic. Learn More
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