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  1. KidzLabs® 4M® Green Science Dynamo Torch Kit

    KidzLabs® 4M® Green Science Dynamo Torch Kit

    Ideal for young science enthusiasts, this kit offers a valuable lesson on the transformative power of green science. The Dynamo Torch turns a simple toy motor into a generator that transforms hand motion into electrical energy and powers a light bulb. No batteries required. Ages 8+. Kit includes: ● Toy motor ● Gears ● LED lightbulb ● Plastic casing ● Detailed assembly instructions No additional parts or materials required. Learn More
  2. KidzLabs® 4M® Spy Science Secret Messages Kit

    KidzLabs® 4M® Spy Science Secret Messages Kit

    This fun kit not only encourages imagination and critical thinking, it helps Tiger and Wolf Cub Scouts earn Adventure requirements. Ages 8+. Kit contains: ● Super Spy Journal (recording suspects and clues is an absolute necessity) ● X-ray Secret Notes (red and white encoded paper—can only be read with included Decoder) ● White Invisible Message Writer Pen (messages revealed with Message Developer) ● Black Message Developer (to develop messages written by secret pen) ● Secret Code Library (5 different alphabetical and numerical code systems, plus how-to section so you can make up your own) ● Morse Code Shutter Torch (perfect when Morse Code is your best communication) ● Cypher Wheel (a little help deciphering secret messages) ● Super Spy ID Card (for use as needed in interrogations) Learn More
  3. Mason Bee House Wood Kit

    Mason Bee House Wood Kit

    Kit enables Scouts to earn advancement in seven merit badges: Gardening, Environmental Science, Insect Study, Nature, Plant Science, Sustainability, and Woodworking. Mason bees are ideal pollinators for spring fruit trees, flowers and vegetables. These gentle bees are non-aggressive, adding beauty and activity to our yards and gardens. They do not produce honey. Learn More
  4. BSA® Stamp T-shirt

    BSA® Stamp T-shirt

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    Scout-approved and stamped with pride! Short-sleeve T-shirt features large, center-front graphic with “Boy Scouts of America—On My Honor—1910” lettering in a round stamp design. Athletic-fit, short-sleeve tee is made of pre-shrunk, ringspun 50% cotton/50% polyester. Denim Blue Heather. Imported. Learn More
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