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  1. Automotive Maintenance Merit Badge Pamphlet

    Automotive Maintenance Merit Badge Pamphlet

    Gain practical, hands-on knowledge about car care, plus the nuts and bolts of what it takes to make an engine purr like a kitten! Automobiles play an integral role in almost every aspect of modern American life. To service these automobiles, one must understand all the principles of maintenance and repair, and how these principles interact to produce reliable and efficient performance. Every driver benefits from knowing how their vehicle operates and being able to recognize when maintenance is required. Learn More
  2. Camping Merit Badge Pamphlet

    Camping Merit Badge Pamphlet

    Whether you are fishing for supper, pitching a tent, or sharing camp stories, nothing could be more exhilarating than being in the open air with your buddies, putting your outdoor skills to the test. The Camping merit badge tells you how. Learn More