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  1. Helle Viking Knife

    Helle Viking Knife

    The Viking is a revision of a classic Helle design originally produced as part of a fundraiser for an around-the-world cruise of a Viking longship. The knife is notable not only for its historical interest, but also as an excellent, all-around utility knife. Learn More
  2. Helle Eggen Knife

    Helle Eggen Knife

    This stout hunting knife is one of Helle’s most popular all-round outdoor designs. Learn More
  3. Helle Mândra Knife

    Helle Mândra Knife

    Designed and field tested with Les Stroud (a.k.a “Survivorman”). Perfecting the design of this newest Helle knife included traveling to the raw, remote, and overwhelmingly beautiful country of Romania to work alongside Les Stroud on his latest “Survivorman” episodes. Learn More
  4. Helle Steinbit Filet Knife

    Helle Steinbit Filet Knife

    Features: •Thin flexible blade of non-laminated stainless steel (Sandvik 12C27) •Nicely curved wood handle feels good in the hand •Includes Nordic-style sheath Learn More
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