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  1. Whisperlite Hiker Stove

    Whisperlite Hiker Stove

    Lightweight and versatile backpacking stove from MSR uses white gas or kerosene and includes a windscreen heat reflector, fuel pump, and stuff sack. Shaker jet technology makes cleaning as simple as shaking the stove. Weighs 14 oz. Fuel bottle not included. Learn More
  2. Coghlan’s 9340 Tri-pod Grill Hanger

    Coghlan’s 9340 Tri-pod Grill Hanger

    Ideal for cookouts, this grill can be placed anywhere. Its stable, adjustable-height grill surface is supported by a three-piece galvanized steel tri-pod. The legs are shock-corded together and collapse for easy storage. Chrome grill measures 17" diameter. Learn More
  3. 1130 Heavy Duty Camp Grill

    1130 Heavy Duty Camp Grill

    1130 Heavy Duty Camp Grill Learn More
  4. Optimus® Solo Cook System

    Optimus® Solo Cook System

    Gourmet meal for one? Coming right up! The super-efficient Optimus Solo Cook System combines the Optimus Crux Lite Stove and Solo Cook Set to create the best ultralight 3-piece cook system around. All components stack and store together, fitting neatly into the storage bags included. And when packed up, the kit measures an economical, easy-to-pack 4.8" x 4.1" and weighs just over 8 oz.! Learn More
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