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  1. Silva® Compass Guide

    Silva® Compass Guide

    Perfect for any outdoor activity, this trekking compass is a compact design that’s easy to pack, and a bright-orange color that’s easy to keep track of. Plus, it features polypropylene baseplate floats, so it’s virtually unsinkable! Great for canoeing or rafting. 20 graduations and declination scale for easy transition from map bearings to field headings. Full-size mirror with V notch. Weighs 9 oz. Learn More
  2. Petzl® AM’D Ball-Lock Carabiner

    Petzl® AM’D Ball-Lock Carabiner

    D-shaped design for connecting devices on harnesses. Highest strength-to-weight ratio of all carabiners. Great for most uses. Aluminum 7000. Major/minor axis strength: 28kN/7kN. Wt. 78 g. Learn More
  3. Falcon Guide® Basic Illustrated Map and Compass Book

    Falcon Guide® Basic Illustrated Map and Compass Book

    Basic Illustrated Map and Compass will help you discover techniques for choosing and using the right type of compass, using a map and compass in concert with a GPS receiver, reading and understanding contour lines and other map features, plotting a course and finding your way through the wilderness, using the stars to navigate rivers, streams, and trails at night and finding and ordering the maps you need. Learn More
  4. Centennial Boy Scout™ Uniform Thorlos® Hiking Sock

    Centennial Boy Scout™ Uniform Thorlos® Hiking Sock

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    Designed for hiking in moderate climates on varied terrain, these crew length socks are made with exclusive 87% Thor-Lon acrylic, 11% nylon and 2% Lycra spandex. Resilient and durable, with a built-in ventilation panel and more moisture-wicking than ever. Thick cushioning in the ball and heel reduces shock, impact, shear, and blisters. Moderate cushioning in arch for comfort and a better fit. Made in USA. Learn More
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