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  1. Silva® Polaris Compass

    Silva® Polaris Compass

    An excellent basic compass with liquid-filled housing, jeweled bearing, and clear protractor. Learn More
  2. Silva® 1-2-3 Starter Compass

    Silva® 1-2-3 Starter Compass

    A great, beginner-level choice, this compass has a liquid-filled housing and protractor with metric scale. Learn More
  3. Silva® Explorer III Compass

    Silva® Explorer III Compass

    Ideal for intermediate orienteering, compass has a liquid-filled clear housing, jeweled needle bearing, luminous points, magnifying glass, and carry cord. Learn More
  4. Centennial Boy Scout™ Uniform Thorlos® Hiking Sock

    Centennial Boy Scout™ Uniform Thorlos® Hiking Sock

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    Designed for hiking in moderate climates on varied terrain, these crew length socks are made with exclusive 87% Thor-Lon acrylic, 11% nylon and 2% Lycra spandex. Resilient and durable, with a built-in ventilation panel and more moisture-wicking than ever. Thick cushioning in the ball and heel reduces shock, impact, shear, and blisters. Moderate cushioning in arch for comfort and a better fit. Made in USA. Learn More
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