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  1. Petzl® UNIVERSO Belay System

    Petzl® UNIVERSO Belay System

    Complete, lightweight single belay system for all rope types. Combines VERSO belay device with ATTACHE 3D carabiner. Exclusive sliding connection piece keeps belay in position. Learn More
  2. Innova™ Aviar Putt & Approach Disc

    Innova™ Aviar Putt & Approach Disc

    Original Price:$9.99 Current Price: $6.98
    It’s the #1 putter in disc golf—versatile and dependable in all conditions! A must-have disc for any serious competitor’s bag. Disc is a small-bead model that provides an excellent grip and the straight flier design always delivers a predictable finish. Color choice may not be specified with order; color you receive is randomly chosen from an assortment of colors. Learn More
  3. Petzl® OK Pulley Carabiner

    Petzl® OK Pulley Carabiner

    Many pulleys need an oval-shaped carabiner to work properly and the OK Carabiner is designed for just that. Also great with belay devices, its symmetric shape maximizes efficiency no matter which end is closest to the device. Learn More
  4. Petzl® OWALL Oval No-Lock Carabiner

    Petzl® OWALL Oval No-Lock Carabiner

    General-purpose carabiner for traditional and aid climbing is ideal for racking wired nuts – won’t snag on the keylock. Learn More
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