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  1. Coghlan’s 0240 Four-Function Whistle 4

    Includes a whistle, 2-scale thermometer, magnifier, and compass, plus spring-loaded clip for attachment to belt, lanyard, backpack, and more. Body is high-visibility yellow color. Learn More
  2. Coghlan’s 0433 Bungee Clothesline

    Lightweight and easy to pack, this clothesline goes up anywhere... no clothes pegs needed! Unstretched, measures 6'. Learn More
  3. Coghlan’s 9269 Lightweight Poncho - Olive

    Waterproof vinyl material with electronically welded seams. Includes attached hood, plus PVC snap-button closures on sides for quick on/off ease. One size fits most. Learn More
  4. MiraZyme™ by Gear Aid™—2-oz. Wash

    Mildew smell, pet odor, mold odor, and other unpleasant aromas can ruin expensive gear. Instead of covering up odors, MiraZyme’s naturally occurring enzymes and microbes remove the bacteria that cause them. So you can keep using and enjoying your gear. Learn More