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  1. Coghlan’s 0355 Biners Multi-Pack

    Coghlan’s 0355 Biners Multi-Pack

    Package of seven anodized aluminum biners in assorted sizes, each with spring-loaded closure. Includes: two 4mm biners; two 6mm biners; and one 8mm biner. Not for climbing. Learn More
  2. Coghlan’s 8566 Windscreen

    Coghlan’s 8566 Windscreen

    Original Price:$9.99 Current Price: $4.98
    Cook faster with less fuel by increasing stove efficiency. Made from anodized aluminum, the end pins anchor screen for stability. Five-panel design measures 10" x 19" when open; 10" x 3½" x 1" when folded. Weighs 9 oz. Learn More
  3. Coghlan’s 9269 Lightweight Poncho - Olive

    Coghlan’s 9269 Lightweight Poncho - Olive

    Waterproof vinyl material with electronically welded seams. Includes attached hood, plus PVC snap-button closures on sides for quick on/off ease. One size fits most. Learn More
  4. Scout Firesteel

    Scout Firesteel

    Exclusive Scouting model is ultra-durable, consistently producing a 3000°C spark that lasts for 3000 strikes! Works even when wet for true reliability. Bright spark can also be used as an emergency signal. 3 1/2” long. Learn More
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