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  1. Coghlan’s 8048 Pocket Compass

    Coghlan’s 8048 Pocket Compass

    Features jeweled needle with positive stop lock, non-glare black luminous dial, and chromed metal case. Learn More
  2. Coghlan's 1168 Bowl O Pin-on Compasses

    Coghlan's 1168 Bowl O Pin-on Compasses

    Bulk compasses in a shelf bowl with matching Coghlan’s green threaded lid. Learn More
  3. BSA® Compass Case

    BSA® Compass Case

    Designed to fit all our compasses, this foam-padded case is made of durable Cordura nylon for lasting protection. Case has zippered front pocket and touch fastener closure. Learn More
  4. Beginner's Compass Game

    Beginner's Compass Game

    Can be used with any compass. A great learning tool for beginning compass users. Learn More
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