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  1. Coghlan’s 8160 Liquid-Filled Compass

    Coghlan’s 8160 Liquid-Filled Compass

    Includes impact-resistant case, jeweled needle with luminous pointer, and adjustable capsule for direction-setting memory arrow. Colors: Black, Burgundy or Olive. Learn More
  2. Coghlan’s 8162 Map Compass

    Coghlan’s 8162 Map Compass

    Features include a see-through base and rotating, liquid-filled housing. Base contains scales in inches, millimeters, and 1:25,000. Includes jeweled needle with luminous pointer. Learn More
  3. Coghlan’s 8268 Pin-on Compass

    Coghlan’s 8268 Pin-on Compass

    A liquid-filled, ball-type compass assures the dial is always upright. Includes luminous directional arrow and sturdy brass pin. Learn More
  4. Coghlan’s 9740 Compass Thermometer

    Coghlan’s 9740 Compass Thermometer

    It’s two handy outdoor instruments in one: a liquid-filled compass with luminous dial and thermometer featuring °F and °C scales. Includes "Homefinder" instructions on package, plus belt clip and lanyard. Learn More
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