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  1. Coghlan’s 8160 Liquid-Filled Compass

    Coghlan’s 8160 Liquid-Filled Compass

    Includes impact-resistant case, jeweled needle with luminous pointer, and adjustable capsule for direction-setting memory arrow. Colors: Black, Burgundy or Olive. Learn More
  2. Coghlan’s 8162 Map Compass

    Coghlan’s 8162 Map Compass

    Features include a see-through base and rotating, liquid-filled housing. Base contains scales in inches, millimeters, and 1:25,000. Includes jeweled needle with luminous pointer. Learn More
  3. Coghlan’s 8268 Pin-on Compass

    Coghlan’s 8268 Pin-on Compass

    A liquid-filled, ball-type compass assures the dial is always upright. Includes luminous directional arrow and sturdy brass pin. Learn More
  4. Coghlan's 1168 Bowl O Pin-on Compasses

    Coghlan's 1168 Bowl O Pin-on Compasses

    Bulk compasses in a shelf bowl with matching Coghlan’s green threaded lid. Learn More
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