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  1. Goal Zero® Light-a-Life

    Goal Zero® Light-a-Life

    Original Price:$39.99 Current Price: $29.98
    Bright, 3-watt, low-power-draw LED light may be used wherever a soft lantern-type light is desired. Daisy-chain up to eight of them and string them up around camp, beach or backyard easily with the patented adjustable carabiner and enjoy the night! Weather-resistant design is rated for 20,000 hours of use. Learn More
  2. Goal Zero® Guide 10 Plus Battery Pack

    Goal Zero® Guide 10 Plus Battery Pack

    Original Price:$39.99 Current Price: $29.99
    About the size of a cell phone, this ultra-lightweight USB solar charging system fits in your pocket! Charge AA/AAA batteries from the sun in 2 hours from the Nomad 7. Recharge your cell phone 1-3 times per charge. Includes built-in LED flashlight that runs 20+ hours per charge. Can also charge via USB. Comes with 4 AA rechargeable batteries. Learn More
  3. Goal Zero® Boulder 30 Solar Panel Case

    Goal Zero® Boulder 30 Solar Panel Case

    Original Price:$63.99 Current Price: $34.99
    Easy and efficient. Safely transport up to two Boulder 30 Solar Panels in this zippered, padded travel case. Padded bag also includes a padded layer inside that prevents panels from hitting against each other. Durable, stylish design includes detachable strap. Black nylon. Imported. Learn More
  4. Goal Zero® AAA Rechargeable Batteries – 4-Pack

    Goal Zero® AAA Rechargeable Batteries – 4-Pack

    Original Price:$14.99 Current Price: $9.99
    Use these rechargeable NiMH AAA batteries in anything you have that requires AAA batteries. Use them up and when they’re dead, recharge them. Do this again and again ? on average about 500-1000 cycles. You’ll save money and avoid adding to the landfill! Includes adapter for use with Guide 10 and can be recharged with Nomad 7. Batteries have a Low Self Discharge which means they can sit on your shelf for 12 months before they start to lose effectiveness. Learn More
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