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  1. Boy Scout™ Knife

    Boy Scout™ Knife

    This reliable, general-purpose design makes a great choice as a Scout's first knife or basic camping knife. Includes stainless steel cutting blade, plus tools to drive screws, lift bottle caps, open cans, and punch holes. Measures: Blade 3” – Handle: 3 3/4”L x 5/8” W x 1” H Learn More
  2. BSA® Official Cub Scouts® Pocket Knife

    BSA® Official Cub Scouts® Pocket Knife

    Good-looking and highly functional, with stainless steel cutting blade, flat-head screwdriver, cap lifter, and punch blade, all in a Delrin stag handle. Measures: Blade 2 ¾” – Handle: 3 3/8”L x 1” W x 7/8” H Learn More
  3. Boy Scout™ Pocket Knife

    Boy Scout™ Pocket Knife

    Both stylish and functional, this lock-back design features 2" satin-finished blade and patterned soft rubber handle. Covered lock. Learn More
  4. Summit “Stockman” Knife

    Summit “Stockman” Knife

    Original Price:$29.99 Current Price: $19.98
    Great-looking, three-blade design features 2½" mirror-polished blade with Summit Bechtel Reserve™ logo, plus red burled-wood handle. Learn More
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