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  1. Adjustable Ridgepole

    Adjustable Ridgepole

    Two-piece, 9' 6" adjustable aluminum ridgepoles shown with Patrol Fly (sold separately). Learn More
  2. Adjustable Uprights

    Adjustable Uprights

    2-piece 8' adjustable aluminum pole shown with Fly. Fly is sold separately. Learn More
  3. Diamond Adhesive-Backed Tent Patch

    Diamond Adhesive-Backed Tent Patch

    Original Price:$59.99 Current Price: $39.99
    The easy way to make quick, quality repairs to your canvas wall tents. Sold by the yard, this adhesive-backed, 11 oz. Polaris patch material lets you cut exactly the amount you need every time. Learn More
  4. MSR® Hubba™ Solo Footprint

    MSR® Hubba™ Solo Footprint

    Custom-fit protection for your tent floor, providing increased protection from water and wear-and-tear. Designed to fit the Hubba™ Solo Tent (619382). Imported. Learn More
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