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  1. Pinewood Derby® Tungsten Cube Weights

    Pinewood Derby® Tungsten Cube Weights

    Perfect for adding weight in small areas or to thinly designed cars. Package contains 12 cubes of tungsten. Each cube measures ¼" square and weighs less than five grams, making it easy to add the exact amount you need. Learn More
  2. Pinewood Derby® Krytox® Lubricant

    Pinewood Derby® Krytox® Lubricant

    If your Pinewood Derby race committee permits the use of liquid lubricants, then this high-performance option is your top choice! Learn More
  3. Pinewood Derby® Center Of Gravity Stand

    Pinewood Derby® Center Of Gravity Stand

    Handy tool makes it easy to identify your racer's center of gravity so you can position your added weight to maximize speed and maintain control for a smooth, fast run. The required measurements are etched right into the poplar wood stand?no pencils or ruler needed! For more information on potential energy and center of gravity, check out Pinewood Derby® Speed Secrets #30538 (sold separately). Learn More
  4. Pinewood Derby® Poster Kit

    Pinewood Derby® Poster Kit

    Two durable, tear-resistant posters in vibrant-color designs. Includes:
    • "Welcome Race Fans" poster―18" x 21"
    • “Winners Circle” poster―includes blank space to write winners’ names (marker not included); 24" x 27"
    Learn More
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