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  1. Solar Cooking Kit

    Solar Cooking Kit

    Scouts will learn about solar thermal energy, a powerful and promising source of renewable energy. This easy-to-use kit allows Scouts to construct a parabolic solar cooker that reflects and focuses the sun’s radiation on a small cooking container. A great way to heat water or melt chocolate to make an environmentally friendly fondue. Kit helps satisfy NOVA requirements. Ages 8 and up. Learn More
  2. Tin Can Robot Kit

    Tin Can Robot Kit

    Recycle a beverage can by turning it into a fun robot you build yourself! Kit includes parts and instructions. Learn More
  3. Weather Station Kit

    Weather Station Kit

    Learn about your climate while tracking weather changes and conducting experiments on the greenhouse effect. Learn More
  4. Slinky® Secret Messages Kit

    Slinky® Secret Messages Kit

    Communicate through secret messages and go on “missions” just like real spies! Kit explains how to create and discover cryptic messages and features 18 different missions, including how to use invisible ink, various ciphers, Polybius Checkerboard, Braille, basic code-breaking tools, and more. Comes with step-by-step instructions to make it easy for you and a friend to start and finish these activities. Recommended for ages 8 and up. Helps Tigers and Wolves earn advancement in the new Cub Scout Adventures. Learn More
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