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  1. Rocket Recovery Wadding

    Rocket Recovery Wadding

    Flame-resistant recovery wadding protects the recovery system and is necessary to launch model rockets. Contains 75 sheets, enough for 18-25 flights. Learn More
  2. Model Rocket Igniters

    Model Rocket Igniters

    Original Price:$7.49 Current Price: $3.99
    It’s always a good idea to keep a few spares on hand, so these dependable, easy-to-use igniters come in a convenient six-pack. Learn More
  3. Hi-Flier Rocket Kit

    Hi-Flier Rocket Kit

    How high will a High-Flier go? The answer is OUTTA SIGHT! The Estes Hi-Flier is an ultra-high-performance model rocket with tons of attitude… and altitude! Be sure and keep your eye on this stream-lined missile as it climbs to amazing heights (over 1,600 feet) and then recovers with a fluorescent orange streamer. One of the most extreme, super-performance model rockets you can own, it’s a must-have addition to all Estes high flyers’ fleets. Kit can easily be built in one afternoon. Trim, high-flying rocket launches on any of our powerful Estes standard engines. Learn More
  4. Baby Bertha Rocket Kit

    Baby Bertha Rocket Kit

    Check out this sky-grabbing, high-performance model rocket in a design and size that’s easy to complete in just a few hours. Level 1 kit is fun to build and decorate — you can paint this high-flying rocket like the package or go wild creating your own personal design! Kit features: distinctive, laser-cut wood fins; a blow-molded nose cone; and easy-to-apply, self-stick decorative decals. When powered with standard C engines, it can streak to over 575 feet and is easily recovered with the aid of a colorful 12" pre-assembled parachute. Requires assembly. Learn More
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