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  1. Medicine Bag Leather Kit—8-Pack

    Medicine Bag Leather Kit—8-Pack

    Perfect done-in-a-den meeting project—have it completed and ready to take home in less than an hour! Pack includes all materials needed to make eight small medicine bags: 7" round discs of soft leather (assorted), lace, beads, and instructions. Can be decorated with markers. Learn More
  2. Mandala Kit

    Mandala Kit

    4-6 Weeks. Shipped direct from Supplier.
    Decorate your lodge with this wall hanging! Kit contains 9" wire hoop, wool, imitation rabbit fur, leather disk, beads, metal concho, suede lacing, fluffy and saddle hackle feathers, cement, instructions, and more. Factory order. Learn More
  3. Leatherwork Merit Badge Billfold Kit

    Leatherwork Merit Badge Billfold Kit

    On Backorder Until 06/12/2017
    Kit contains all the materials needed for a Scout to complete the Leatherwork Merit Badge. Billfold Kit includes: • Billfold kit • Neckerchief slide kit • Lanyard braiding project • Leather samples • Leather finish • Instructions Does not include design tools, but with pre-punched parts and pre-punched holes, no additional tools are required. Learn More
  4. Leather Wrist Band with Snap

    Leather Wrist Band with Snap

    Starting at:


    Snaps are pre-attached. Add your own tooling, and they're ready to wear. 1-1/4" x 8". Learn More
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