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  1. Solar Cooking Kit

    Original Price:$13.99 Current Price: $9.99
    Scouts will learn about solar thermal energy, a powerful and promising source of renewable energy. This easy-to-use kit allows Scouts to construct a parabolic solar cooker that reflects and focuses the sun’s radiation on a small cooking container. A great way to heat water or melt chocolate to make an environmentally friendly fondue. Kit helps satisfy NOVA requirements. Ages 8 and up. Learn More
  2. Slime Science Kit

    Original Price:$9.99 Current Price: $7.99
    Create five kinds of oozing, gross slime with this kit! Make a slime that jiggles; sticky ooze that glues things together; mystery material that is solid one minute, liquid the next; rubbery, stretchy putty; and classic horror movie slime.

    warningWARNING: Choking hazard. Small parts. Not for children under 3 years. Learn More
  3. KidzLabs™ Lemon Clock Kit

    Original Price:$4.99 Current Price: $1.49
    Discover the science of batteries. Simply add your own lemons to turn this kit into an amazing lemon-powered clock. Contains copper plate, zinc plate, LCD clock, wire, and instructions. Learn More
  4. KidzLabs™ Diving Octopus Kit

    Original Price:$4.99 Current Price: $1.49
    Have fun learning the effects of changes in pressure — place the diving octopus in a water-filled bottle and watch it rise and fall. Learn More
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