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  1. Smithsonian® Magic Rocks Science Kit

    Smithsonian® Magic Rocks Science Kit

    Original Price:$12.99 Current Price: $7.99
    Engage in a fun science experient as you “grow” rocks up to heights of four inches in less than two hours to create an underwater garden. This crystal-growing kit can be used to help Cub Scouts satisfy advancement requirements by performing a science experiment. Rocks, display tank, solution and instructions included. Learn More
  2. Introducing The “Mars” Dig!

    Introducing The “Mars” Dig!

    Original Price:$12.99 Current Price: $7.99
    Dig and collect the same rocks found on Mars... assemble a scale model of the latest Mars Rover-"Curiosity"... and learn about Martian geology and space exploration! Learn More
  3. Smithsonian® Molecule Lab E-Flask Kit

    Smithsonian® Molecule Lab E-Flask Kit

    Easy-to-perform experiment kit includes everything you need to create your own amazing, bouncing, marble “molecules” then store what you’ve made in the real E-flask provided. Ages 8 and up. Learn More
  4. Crystal Kits

    Crystal Kits

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    It’s easy to grow large, amazingly beautiful crystals! Choose emerald green, aquamarine blue, or citrine yellow. Each kit includes a bag of crystal-growing chemicals, a crystal-growing cup, a base rock, and instructions. Nontoxic. Ages 10 and up. Learn More
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