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  1. Slinky® Secret Messages Kit

    Slinky® Secret Messages Kit

    Original Price:$10.99 Current Price: $7.99
    Communicate through secret messages and go on “missions” just like real spies! Kit explains how to create and discover cryptic messages and features 18 different missions, including how to use invisible ink, various ciphers, Polybius Checkerboard, Braille, basic code-breaking tools, and more. Comes with step-by-step instructions to make it easy for you and a friend to start and finish these activities. Recommended for ages 8 and up. Helps Tigers and Wolves earn advancement in the new Cub Scout Adventures. Learn More
  2. Introducing The “Mars” Dig!

    Introducing The “Mars” Dig!

    Original Price:$12.99 Current Price: $7.99
    Dig and collect the same rocks found on Mars... assemble a scale model of the latest Mars Rover-"Curiosity"... and learn about Martian geology and space exploration! Learn More
  3. Smithsonian® Molecule Lab E-Flask Kit

    Smithsonian® Molecule Lab E-Flask Kit

    Original Price:$6.99 Current Price: $3.99
    Easy-to-perform experiment kit includes everything you need to create your own amazing, bouncing, marble “molecules” then store what you’ve made in the real E-flask provided. Ages 8 and up. Learn More
  4. Crystal Kits

    Crystal Kits

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    It’s easy to grow large, amazingly beautiful crystals! Choose emerald green, aquamarine blue, or citrine yellow. Each kit includes a bag of crystal-growing chemicals, a crystal-growing cup, a base rock, and instructions. Nontoxic. Ages 10 and up. Learn More
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