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  1. Venturing Emblem Flag Pole Topper

    Venturing Emblem Flag Pole Topper

    Gold-toned metal emblems with ferrules. For 7' or 8' wooden flagpoles. Learn More
  2. Flag Case Display

    Flag Case Display

    This case is made of solid red oak with a high gloss finish and is mounted on a pedestal of the same material. Comes with a 1 1/2" x 4" engraveable plate and instructions for folding and displaying your flag. Outside dimensions are 18 3/8" x 2 3/4" and overall height is 12 1/4". For use with 3 x 5 flags. Flag not included. Learn More
  3. Streamer Holder

    Streamer Holder

    An impressive way to organize and display ribbons and streamers. Holder mounts on top of standard flagpoles up to 1¼” diameter. Features 16 clips to secure ribbons and streamers in place. Gold-tone finish matches BSA® flagpole ferrules. Holder measures 4" diameter. Learn More
  4. Sea Scout Flag Rating Stars

    Sea Scout Flag Rating Stars

    4-6 Weeks. Shipped direct from Supplier.
    White stars to indicate ratings: one star, ship; two stars, council; three stars, region; four stars, national. Stars shown on Sea Scout Leader Flag (item # 11056) sold separately. Learn More
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