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  1. Cub Scout Bumper Sticker

    Cub Scout Bumper Sticker

    Original Price:$2.00 Current Price: $1.99
    This redesigned yellow and blue vinyl screen-printed bumper sticker has the words "I AM PROUD OF MY CUB SCOUT" with the Cub Scout wolf symbol printed on it. Learn More
  2. Summit Biker Bumper Sticker

    Summit Biker Bumper Sticker

    Original Price:$0.99 Current Price: $0.49
    Whether it's displayed on a car's bumper, a window, or office wall, this vinyl sticker is sure to invite interest in the Summit Bechtel Reserve and it's first world-class event-the 2013 National Jamboree! Fade-resistant sticker is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Design features mountain biker and Summit coordinates. Measures 3.25" x 8.75". Learn More
  3. The Summit® Oval Sticker

    The Summit® Oval Sticker

    Original Price:$3.99 Current Price: $2.99
    Intriguing design is sure to start conversations when displayed on your vehicle, home or office window. Oval decal features the geographical coordinates that identify the “SBR” or Summit Bechtel Reserve™ - BSA's newest High Adventure Base in West Virginia. Learn More
  4. C.H.E.C.K Helmet Sticker

    C.H.E.C.K Helmet Sticker

    Roll of 25 stickers. Supports the C.H.E.C.K/COPE Climbing Safety Program. Neon Yellow oval shaped sticker for use on climbing helmets. Emphasizes the Risk Zone for climbing activities and utilizes the C.H.E.C.K. acronym: -- C - Clothing -- H - Harnesses/Helmets -- E - Environment -- C - Connections -- K - Knots Also see, SKU 616832 – Project COPE/Climbing Safety C.H.E.C.K Hangtag and SKU 616833, Project COPE/Climbing Safety C.H.E.C.K Poster. Learn More
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