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  1. Cub Scout Den & Pack Meeting Resource Guide

    Part of the new Cub Scout Delivery Model, this new resource offers den meeting plans for all ranks, plus pack meeting plans connected to monthly themes. Also includes a light overview of the Cub Scouts program, an introduction to den leader responsibilities and den management, and an online resource list. Learn More
  2. Cub Scout Academics and Sports Guide

    Part of the new Cub Scout Delivery Model, this material has been updated with a new cover. There are no content changes from previous version. 3 hole punched loose-leaf, not bound, guide to the Cub Scout Academics and Sports Program.This new-cover begins transitioning in May, 2010, and will continue through September as current inventory is sold. Contains all original content on program guidelines plus specific details on related belt loops and pins. Learn More
  3. Field Receipt Book

    Field Receipt Book Learn More
  4. Commissioner Administrator of Service Pamphlet

    This loose leaf book combines the 3 Commissioner publications, 34128 Commissioner Administration of Service, 34615 Continuing Education for Commissioners, and 33613 Commissioner Basic Training Manual. Learn More
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