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  1. Totally Awesome Paracord Crafts

    Totally Awesome Paracord Crafts

    Learn how easy it is to make your own awesome paracord gear for school, sports, and play! This book guides you step-by-step through all the knots and wraps you need to know. It gives practical advice on tools and materials, and teaches the right way to melt and fuse the cut ends of your cord. Learn More
  2. Summer Camp to Survival Show Book

    Summer Camp to Survival Show Book

    On the wrong end of an assault rifle in Jr. High, his father killed while he was in high school, and told he’s ‘never grow up to be anything’, Summer Camp to Survival Show outlines how Scouting affected every step of Terry’s life. Representing Scouting, Terry won the "Kicking and Screaming" 8-week survival show contest in 2017. A great gift for the Scouts or Scouters in your life! Learn More
  3. Pinewood Derby® Speed Secrets

    Pinewood Derby® Speed Secrets

    This book helps you build a stronger relationship with your child as you work side-by-side to build the ultimate winning car! From author David Meade, who got his start as a boy in the PWD, the book is filled with extremely useful information as well as tried and true techniques, to take you step-by-step with instructions, photos, and diagrams. Paperback, 128 pages. Learn More
  4. Pinewood Derby® Designs and Patterns Book

    Pinewood Derby® Designs and Patterns Book

    The pattern designer from Pinewood Derby Speed Secrets, Troy Thorne, guides young car designers step-by-step through the building of beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels of cool cars. Learn More
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