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  1. Pinewood Derby® Speed Secrets

    Pinewood Derby® Speed Secrets

    On Backorder Until 05/28/2016
    This book helps you build a stronger relationship with your child as you work side-by-side to build the ultimate winning car! From author David Meade, who got his start as a boy in the PWD, the book is filled with extremely useful information as well as tried and true techniques, to take you step-by-step with instructions, photos, and diagrams. Paperback, 128 pages. Learn More
  2. Cub Scout Magic

    Cub Scout Magic

    Contains more than 200 stunts, tricks, and puzzles. Softbound edition. Learn More
  3. Pinewood Derby® Designs and Patterns Book

    Pinewood Derby® Designs and Patterns Book

    The pattern designer from Pinewood Derby Speed Secrets, Troy Thorne, guides young car designers step-by-step through the building of beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels of cool cars. Learn More
  4. Norman Rockwell’s World of Scouting

    Norman Rockwell’s World of Scouting

    Original Price:$24.95 Current Price: $12.98
    In this comprehensive collection, Joseph Csatari tells the story behind the more than 50 paintings Norman Rockwell created for the Scouts. He shares his experiences of mentoring with Rockwell and then assuming the official-artist position himself. Csatari’s 40+ Scouting paintings are featured as well. Licensed hardback publication, a must-have for all Scouting libraries. Learn More
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