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  1. Revised Eagle Court Of Honor Book

    Revised for 2012—just in time for Eagle Scouts’ 100th anniversary—with two completely new scripts and the latest ceremony techniques culled from hundreds of Courts of Honor held around the country. This book will help ensure that your ceremony is the best an Eagle Court of Honor can be. Book also features planning checklists, support job descriptions, and inspirational poems and quotations. Soft cover, 198 pages. Learn More
  2. Camp Out! The Ultimate Kids’ Guide

    From bear bags and wilderness showers to telling the temperature by counting cricket chirps, this book is packed with know-how to make camping both a breeze… and a blast! Whether you’re planning an overnight in the backyard or a weekend in the wilderness, this super-fun guide is the perfect way for young campers to learn the basics. Learn More
  3. ECSI Wilderness First Aid Field Guide — 2nd Edition

    This handy, pocket-sized book meets the Wilderness First Aid curriculum of the Boy Scouts of America. Produced by the Emergency Care and Safety Institute (ECSI), this updated second edition is a user-friendly guide based upon the latest first aid and CPR guidelines. Learn More