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  1. Venturing TRUST Award Handbook

    Venturing TRUST Award Handbook

    Nationally, Religious and Community Life crews form the largest population in Venturing. Following in the tradition of the Quartermaster, Ranger, and Quest awards, a similar, challenging award program has therefore been created for Venturing's religious life emphasis. The TRUST Award is a unique opportunity for the youth of Venturing. This handbook details the background and requirements for Venturing's TRUST Award for religious and community life. Learn More
  2. Venturing Leader Manual

    Venturing Leader Manual

    A great tool for both first-time and seasoned Venturing leaders. Some of the titles covered in this book are: Leadership Methods, Group Activities, Adult Associations, Recognitions, The Ideals of Venturing, High Adventure and Sports, Teaching Others, How to start a "Crew" and specific goals for Venturing. This manual has some revisions in the Requirements and in some of the Venturing procedures. There is the "Trust Award Program" that is covered in detail in this new manual. Learn More
  3. Venturer/Ranger Handbook

    Venturer/Ranger Handbook

    There are several changes in the release of the Venture/Ranger handbook. We have updated the Wilderness Use Policy of the BSA, watercraft requirements, updates on the quick reference list, and photos changed. Learn More
  4. Varsity Scout Guidebook

    Varsity Scout Guidebook

    Book for Varsity Scouts and their leaders. Includes 27 program features, an annual program planning guide, a team training guide, and a list of requirements for the new Denali award and letter. Appendix includes meeting planning worksheets. Learn More
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