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  1. “Staying Found” Pocket/Luggage Tag

    “Staying Found” Pocket/Luggage Tag

    Handy reminder card is a smart addition to any survival or first-aid kit. It's also fitted with a loop that makes it easy to hang the card on a backpack, duffel, or belt loop for personal use on any outing. On one side, card offers tips to remember in order to "stay found" wherever you go, including a list for a go-anywhere "Essentials Kit". On reverse, find instructions for what to do if you actually become lost. Learn More
  2. Unit Advancement Wall Chart

    Unit Advancement Wall Chart

    Great tool to record unit progress and display at district meetings and events. This chart can be used for countless topics and achievements (roundtable attendance, camp sign-up, on-time charter renewal, unit leader training, etc. Chart is 13 1/2" x 21 1/2" Learn More
  3. Safety Afloat Training Guide

    Safety Afloat Training Guide

    Reference guide for safety afloat training. Learn More
  4. Project COPE/Climbing Safety C.H.E.C.K Hangtag

    Project COPE/Climbing Safety C.H.E.C.K Hangtag

    Hangtag measuring approximately 5” x 3". Emphasizes the Risk Zone for climbing activities and utilizes the C.H.E.C.K. acronym: -- C - Clothing -- H - Harnesses/Helmets -- E - Environment -- C - Connections -- K - Knots Also see, SKU 616834 – Project COPE/Climbing Safety C.H.E.C.K Sticker and SKU 616833, Project COPE/Climbing Safety C.H.E.C.K Poster. Learn More
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