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  1. Pinewood: Winning By The Rules

    Pinewood: Winning By The Rules

    Original Price:$9.99 Current Price: $5.98
    This concisely written guide provides clear, step-by-step information on how to build faster Pinewood Derby® racers, without breaking the rules! Author Phil Reinke encourages derby contestants to become honest and true competitors by doing their best and participating in a fair and sportsmanlike manner. Soft cover, 84 pages. Learn More
  2. 2016 Boy Scout™ Requirements Book

    2016 Boy Scout™ Requirements Book

    This updated 2016 edition of Boy Scout Requirements details the official requirements for the Boy Scouts of America by providing the latest rank and merit badge requirements. All information is effective January 1, 2016, through December 31, 2016. Soft cover, spiral bound. Learn More
  3. Flier Fire & Emerg Expl 100pk

    Flier Fire & Emerg Expl 100pk

    Original Price:$5.99 Current Price: $5.98
    Flier Fire & Emerg Expl 100pk Learn More
  4. Scoutmaster’s Minutes II

    Scoutmaster’s Minutes II

    A sequel to the original Scoutmaster’s Minutes, this second collection features additional topics, including Sports Shorts, lessons from Vietnam, and the wisdom of Chief Sequassen. Like the original, this 47-page book is filled with short stories, each with a moral that makes a single point to reinforce the ideals of the Scout Law, Scout Oath, Scout Motto, or Scout Slogan. Another valuable resource to help Scout leaders find the perfect "food for thought" for Scouts to take with them as they leave a Scouting event. Soft cover; 53 pages. Learn More
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