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  1. The Scout’s Deck of Outdoor Recipe Cards

    The Scout’s Deck of Outdoor Recipe Cards

    Tim and Christine Conners are experienced parents, campers, backpackers, and outdoor chefs. Plus, they just happen to be the authors of the ever-popular series of cookbooks that includes The Scout’s Outdoor Cookbook, The Scout’s Dutch Oven Cookbook, and The Scout’s Backpacking Cookbook (see complete list below). They have also served as judges for Scouting magazine’s prestigious national camp food cooking contest. Learn More
  2. The Scout’s Large Groups Cookbook

    The Scout’s Large Groups Cookbook

    Original Price:$16.95 Current Price: $9.98
    The latest addition to Tim and Christine Conners' The Scout's Cookbook series! Like the others in this ever-popular series, this new offering compiles tasty outdoor recipes, cooking methods, and tips for a Scout-friendly cooking experience. Perfect for patrol-size meals, the recipes in this book are designed to feed large groups (8-20 people). Content is aimed at Scouts and their leaders, but is equally appropriate for hikers, campers, canoers and kayakers, or anyone else who wants to eat well in the wilderness. Learn More
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