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  1. Parvuli Dei Record

    Bi-lingual Spanish and English activity book for use by Bear and Webelos Cub Scouts of the Catholic Faith while working on their Religious Emblem award. Learn More
  2. Pope Pius XII Facilitator Manual

    Original Price:$15.99 Current Price: $14.99
    National Catholic Committee on ScoutingĀ® religious emblem facilitator manual. Learn More
  3. A Scout is Reverent Catholic Prayer Manual

    A prayer manual for Scouts and Scouters of the Catholic Faith. Containing a compendium of prayers and practices useful to all Catholics, especially those involved in scouting. Learn More
  4. God and Church (Grades 6-8)

    Starting at:


    The "God and Family" program is the third program in the God and Country Series and is designed for youth in grades 6-8. The God and Country Series is a program of the church. Learn More
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