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  1. Venturing Fast Start CD

    Venturing Fast Start CD

    This colorful, interactive and self-guided training session is designed for the brand new Venturing adult, who should review it within 48 hours of joining the program. The session covers basic information about crew formation, program methods, resources, leadership roles, advancement, uniforming and much more. Viewers are encouraged to have a Venturing Leader Manual, No. D34655D, on hand as a reference. Learn More
  2. Venturing Crew Officer Orientation

    Venturing Crew Officer Orientation

    Venturing is a program in which young adults - male and female age 14 to 20 take a lead role in organizing and running their own high adventure activities. This multi media program covers specific leadership skill in program planning, money earning, and running effective committees. This presentation should be a first step in training newly elected crew officers. Learn More
  3. Cub Scout Songbook CD

    Cub Scout Songbook CD

    If your den and pack meetings aren't noisy enough, turn up the volume with the new CS Songbook CD and you will have all your Tigers, Wolf Cubs, Bears, and Webelos singing along in no time. Featuring ten songs from the new CS Songbook, the CD includes lots of old favorites and some new choices, too. Many of the songs match Scouting lyrics to familiar tunes that are quickly recognized. Songs have been recorded in a fun, energetic style that will keep kids listening. Learn More
  4. Boy Scout™ Songbook CD

    Boy Scout™ Songbook CD

    Be prepared to rock! This CD includes some of Scouting's favorite camp songs, rerecorded with a sound for today's kids. Listen for a grunge band version of "Hello Mudda, Hello Fadda", a rock version of "Bug Juice". Learn More