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  1. Cub Scouts® NOVA Guidebook

    Cub Scouts® NOVA Guidebook

    BSA’s NOVA Awards program incorporates learning with cool activities and exposure to STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). The hope is that the requirements and activities for earning these awards stimulates interest in STEM-related fields and shows Scouts how STEM principles apply to everyday living and the world around them. Counselors and mentors help bring this engaging, contemporary, and fun program to life for youth members. Learn More
  2. Cub Scout Adventure Pocket Certificate — Single

    Cub Scout Adventure Pocket Certificate — Single

    This new Cub Scout program contains a series of “adventures” which Cub Scouts (individually and as part of their den) will experience while working on their badge of rank. Once a Cub Scout has completed the six core adventures—including one on “Duty to God” and one of his den’s choosing—he will have earned his badge of rank. This single pocket certificate is given to a Cub Scout in recognition of his completion of an “adventure.” Learn More
  3. Cub Scouts® Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation Pamphlet

    Cub Scouts® Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation Pamphlet

    This pamphlet provides information for conducting Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation which is part of the Cub Scout required training for new leaders, including:
    • Planning and Preparation for Training
    • Aims and Purposes
    • Lunch Preparation
    • Equipment
    • Campfire Planning and Demonstration
    • Health and Safety
    • After the Training
    Learn More
  4. Bear Pocket Certificate – 8-Sheet

    Bear Pocket Certificate – 8-Sheet

    Each pack is encouraged to use the Bear Pocket Certificate card to recognize each Cub Scout as he earns the rank of Bear. This recognition takes place during the monthly pack meeting. This item provides a sheet of 8 pocket certificates, perforated for convenience and ease of printing on home computers. Each card includes spaces for Cub Scout’s name, den number or den name, pack number, date earned, and signatures of den leader and Cubmaster. Card should be completed using ink. Learn More
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