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  1. The Kids’ Outdoor Adventure Book

    The Kids’ Outdoor Adventure Book

    Nature is a destination, but you don’t have to travel anywhere to find it-just open the door and step outside! A fun, hands-on approach to getting involved in nature, this is a year-round, how-to activity guidebook for getting kids outdoors and exploring nature. Learn More
  2. The Best of Boys' Life® Book

    The Best of Boys' Life® Book

    Original Price:$21.95 Current Price: $14.98
    From its 1911 black-and-white debut (and nickel cover price) to the glossy, full-color publication of today, Boys' Life has become an American institution. With a current circulation of 1.1 million, it has become one of the nation's most popular youth magazines, teaching boys how to live resourcefully, wisely, and well. The Best of Boys' Life book brings together a choice selection of material that has appeared in the magazine over the past century. Learn More
  3. Spirit of Adventure Book

    Spirit of Adventure Book

    Original Price:$24.99 Current Price: $24.95
    This book takes you on an extraordinary journey alongside America’s new generation of Eagle Scouts as they shape the future of Scouting, and America itself. Author and Eagle Scout, Alvin Townley, traveled across the country and the globe to meet these young Eagle Scouts. He found them everywhere, continuing the life of adventure and service that they had begun in Scouting. Townley’s engaging prose shares their noble deeds and exciting accomplishments in this 320-page, hardback book. Learn More
  4. Out of the Deep, National Geographic Mysteries in Our National Parks Series

    Out of the Deep, National Geographic Mysteries in Our National Parks Series

    Fourteen year-old Bindy is accompanying Boy Scout Jack, his sister Ashley and their parents as they travel through Maine’s Acadia National Park where marine mammals are mysteriously being stranded on the beaches. When they find a baby humpback whale stranded in a rocky tidal pool, they learn that Bindy knows who is behind the strandings but is afraid to tell. It is up to Jack and Ashley to get her to talk before more lives are endangered! "Out of the Deep" is part of the National Geographic’s "Mysteries in the Park" series which combines edge-of-your-seat fiction with information about our country’s natural heritage and the role we all have in understanding and protecting it for generations to come. For readers ages 8 and up. 157 pages. Soft cover. Learn More
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