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  1. A Time to Tell DVD

    A Time to Tell DVD

    With introductions and “reality checks” by teens for teens, A Time to Tell presents a variety of situations that young people may encounter. These scenes stress the importance of the three R’s of Youth Protection: Recognize strategies and situations used by child molesters to isolate an adolescent that can lead to attempted molestation; Resist attempts of child molesters; and Report individuals who attempt to molest or who have molested in the past. Learn More
  2. Post Officers' Fast Start DVD

    Post Officers' Fast Start DVD

    Post officers' fast start DVD is a training video designed to help new youth leaders understand the dimensions and dynamics of their role in exploring posts. The advisor should present it to post officers during their post officers' seminar. This DVD covers three sections in the role of Exploring. It covers 1: Understanding your role as an advisor 2: Developing a community of youth leaders and 3: How to establish a post and get it up and running. Learn More
  3. Whitney M. Young Jr. Service Award DVD

    Whitney M. Young Jr. Service Award DVD

    Instructs local councils on planning and executing the presentation of the Whitney M. Young Jr. Service award. The first part of the DVD may be used as an excellent introduction for the awards ceremony. Released: 2008Running Time: 5:16 Learn More
  4. Follow Me Boys [DVD] (1966)

    Follow Me Boys [DVD] (1966)

    Original Price:$19.99 Current Price: $14.99
    Heartwarming Disney tale stars Fred MacMurray as a travelling musician who dreams of becoming a lawyer. After settling in a sleepy small town, he decides to become a Scoutmaster for a newly formed Boy Scout troop. As MacMurray leads the youths, he decides to put aside his career plans and instead focus on helping his community. With Vera Miles, Lillian Gish, David Bailey. 133 min. DVD Learn More
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