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  1. L.L. Bean® Fly Fishing Handbook

    L.L. Bean® Fly Fishing Handbook

    Original Price:$18.95 Current Price: $4.99
    A fun, easy-to-understand collection of tactics and methods based on the renowned teachings of the L.L. Bean Fly Fishing Schools. Great beginner training plus information that experienced fly fishers can use to hone their skills and catch more fish, including: essential fly casts; useful knots; profiles of fresh and saltwater fish species; how to recognize aquatic insects and create imitations; and fishing from boats and float tubes. Learn More
  2. Rocks in My Backpack

    Rocks in My Backpack

    Original Price:$19.99 Current Price: $4.99
    With wit, insight, honesty, Tom Sholes reveals how a young inexperienced Scoutmaster grew in his skills and knowledge to become a highly successful leader of youth. Tom challenged his Scouts with rugged mountains, wild rivers, and unforgiving desert. A master storyteller, he recounts troop mishaps and adventures, from wild whitewater to quiet moments of wonder on mountain summits. Learn More
  3. The Unofficial Official Handbook of Good Deeds

    The Unofficial Official Handbook of Good Deeds

    Original Price:$20.00 Current Price: $4.99
    This book is an inspiring reminder of how the small things you do and choices you make each day can really make a big difference in the world. Inside you'll find more than 300 fun, simple, and practical things you can do to make a difference each day in your family, your school, your community, and your environment. So empower yourself today and start changing your world one project at a time! Includes ideas that can be done on your own or with a group. Learn More