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  1. Lightly on the Land

    Lightly on the Land

    Original Price:$24.95 Current Price: $5.99
    The SCA Trail-Building and Maintenance Manual is an invaluable guide based upon the award-winning “Work Skills Program” of the Student Conservation Association which has more than 40 years’ experience providing skilled volunteers to the Forest Service, Parks Service, and Bureau of Land Management. Written by Robert Birkby, former trail crew foreman and director of conservation at Philmont, this definitive book has been used around the world. Paperback; 340 pages. Learn More
  2. Superior Campfires

    Superior Campfires

    A successful campfire can be the highlight of any Scouting adventure. The pamphlet is an excellent guide to fast-paced campfires sure to get everyone involved. Includes skits, cheers, introductions, riddles, and Scouting legends. This 47-page book can be used as an excellent starting point for a new Scoutmaster or as a source for new ideas for the experienced leaders. Learn More
  3. Scout Skits

    Scout Skits

    This pamphlet is a collection of more than 100 favorite campfire skits. Listed at the beginning of each skit are the number of participants required and any props which may be needed. The dialog between participants is in plain text, while instructions for actors are listed in italics. An index is available at the end of this book which references skits by Scouts. "Scout Skits" catalogs most of the skits that are popular today as well as some new skits. Learn More
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