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  1. Weird But True : Gross

    Weird But True : Gross

    4-6 Weeks. Shipped direct from Supplier.
    Get ready to be grossed out—in a good way! This latest addition to the crazy popular Weird But True series is slimy and sticky and jam-packed with more icky, zany fun! Step up to the plate and try not to lose your lunch, with 300 all-new, amazing facts plus photos that kids just can't get enough of. • Ages 8-12 • Softcover • 208 pages • 6 1/2" x 6 1/2" • © 2016 Learn More
  2. Webelos Leader Guide

    Webelos Leader Guide

    Original Price:$9.99 Current Price: $9.49
    Part of the new Cub Scout Delivery Model, this book has been updated with a new cover. There are no content changes from previous version. This new-cover begins transitioning in May, 2010, and will continue through September as current inventory is sold. This guide is for Webelos leaders to use in planning meetings and assisting Webelos in earning their activity badges and Webelos rank and Arrow of light. Learn More
  3. Two-Sided Poster: Boy Scout Motto and Slogan / Venturing Motto

    Two-Sided Poster: Boy Scout Motto and Slogan / Venturing Motto

    This 26" x 19½" poster features the Boy Scout motto and slogan (“Be Prepared” and “Do a Good Turn Daily”) on one side, and the Venturing motto (“Lead the Adventure”) on the other. Learn More
  4. Troop/Team Records Book

    Troop/Team Records Book

    This book is designed to be used by the Troop Treasurer to help keep accurate records of the Troop’s finances pertaining to:
    • Supervision of money-earning projects
    • Camp savings plan
    • Annual troop budget
    • Other fees, contributions, and expenditures, as needed
    Learn More
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