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  1. Boy Scout™ Recruiting Poster

    Boy Scout™ Recruiting Poster

    Poster in English and Spanish languages. 17" x 22". Learn More
  2. Unit Advancement Wall Chart

    Unit Advancement Wall Chart

    Great tool to record unit progress and display at district meetings and events. This chart can be used for countless topics and achievements (roundtable attendance, camp sign-up, on-time charter renewal, unit leader training, etc. Chart is 13 1/2" x 21 1/2" Learn More
  3. Safety Afloat Training Guide

    Safety Afloat Training Guide

    Reference guide for safety afloat training. Learn More
  4. Guide for Merit Badge Counseling

    Guide for Merit Badge Counseling

    This tri-folder has been designed to guide an adult guidance when they work with Scouts to earn a Merit Badge. A Merit Badge Counselor agrees to follow the requirements of the Merit Badge Pamphlet, use the buddy system - not meet one on one with a Scout, and renew Counselor Registrar annually. Learn More
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