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  1. Guide for Merit Badge Counseling

    Guide for Merit Badge Counseling

    This tri-folder has been designed to guide an adult guidance when they work with Scouts to earn a Merit Badge. A Merit Badge Counselor agrees to follow the requirements of the Merit Badge Pamphlet, use the buddy system - not meet one on one with a Scout, and renew Counselor Registrar annually. Learn More
  2. “Staying Found” Pocket/Luggage Tag

    “Staying Found” Pocket/Luggage Tag

    Handy reminder card is a smart addition to any survival or first-aid kit. It's also fitted with a loop that makes it easy to hang the card on a backpack, duffel, or belt loop for personal use on any outing. On one side, card offers tips to remember in order to "stay found" wherever you go, including a list for a go-anywhere "Essentials Kit". On reverse, find instructions for what to do if you actually become lost. Learn More
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