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  1. The Nature Principle

    The Nature Principle

    Original Price:$24.95 Current Price: $12.98
    what he terms "Nature-Deficit Disorder", he identifies seven basic concepts that can help us reshape our lives. This wide-ranging study shows how humans can thrive through the "renaturing of everyday life." Learn More
  2. Boy Scouts Of America® Scout Stuff Book

    Boy Scouts Of America® Scout Stuff Book

    Original Price:$29.99 Current Price: $19.98
    Explore the history of Scouting memorabilia! This is the ultimate collection of "Scout Stuff"-a book any Scouting enthusiast or collector will love. Highlighting the National Scouting Museum collection in book form, it features BSA® memorabilia going back 100 years! Check out Boy Scout cameras, adventure books, shoes, and more as these items changed over the decades and gradually became woven into the fabric of American culture over the last century. Book also comes with a special collector’s patch which is good for one free admission to the National Scouting Museum in Irving, Texas. Hard cover, 240 pages. Learn More
  3. “Another Great Eagle Scout Project” Sign

    “Another Great Eagle Scout Project” Sign

    Posted at the site of an Eagle Scout Project, this sign is a great way to highlight Scouting’s efforts in the community and recognize the Eagle Scout and his unit! Sign measures 26" x 16" and comes with a three-piece, collapsible metal frame that's easy to secure in the ground. Be sure to write your name and unit number on the bottom with a permanent marker. Learn More
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