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  1. Conservation Handbook―Updated for 2016!

    Conservation Handbook―Updated for 2016!

    Updated for Scouts, Scout Leaders, Land Managers, and Conservation Organizations, this 2016 edition is expanded to include the role of conservation in Scouting, how Scouts can become effective stewards of the environment, the value of partnerships between Scouts and managers of public and private lands, and specific skills for getting good work done. This book highlights the BSA’s century-long involvement with conservation and the powerful role that caring for the environment can have for today’s Scouts and the land itself. This publication will help Scout leaders establish positive relationships with land managers and includes projects tailored to the needs of Scouts. Learn More
  2. Troop/Team Records Book

    Troop/Team Records Book

    This book is designed to be used by the Troop Treasurer to help keep accurate records of the Troop’s finances pertaining to:
    • Supervision of money-earning projects
    • Camp savings plan
    • Annual troop budget
    • Other fees, contributions, and expenditures, as needed
    Learn More
  3. Generic Scout Sunday Insert―Now in 25-Pack

    Generic Scout Sunday Insert―Now in 25-Pack

    Available in a new, smaller pack size — with 25 inserts — it’s now much easier to purchase just the number you need! And, no date appears on this generic form of the Scout Sunday bulletin insert so it may be used at any time throughout the year. Use as an insert into the regular church worship bulletin or as a handout to attendees during Scouting events. Insert has been updated to comply with new Cub Scout program. Measures 5½" X 8½". Learn More
  4. A Passion for Leadership Book

    A Passion for Leadership Book

    From Robert M. Gates, BSA President, former Secretary of Defense, and author of the acclaimed #1 best-selling memoir Duty, comes a characteristically direct, informed, and urgent assessment of why big institutions are failing us and how smart, committed leadership can effect real improvement regardless of scale. Hard cover; 232 pages. Learn More
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