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  1. “Another Great Eagle Scout Project” Sign

    “Another Great Eagle Scout Project” Sign

    Posted at the site of an Eagle Scout Project, this sign is a great way to highlight Scouting’s efforts in the community and recognize the Eagle Scout and his unit! Sign measures 26" x 16" and comes with a three-piece, collapsible metal frame that's easy to secure in the ground. Be sure to write your name and unit number on the bottom with a permanent marker. Learn More
  2. Cub Scouts® Poster Set

    Cub Scouts® Poster Set

    Perfect for displaying at your Cub Scouts’ regular meeting place, this set of three posters helps them keep an eye on the essentials! Designs feature the new Cub Scout mentor “Ethan”. Set includes:
    • Scout Oath poster
    • Scout Law poster
    • Cub Scout Den Code of Conduct poster
    Each poster measures 19½" X 26". Learn More
  3. Ball of Whacks Game

    Ball of Whacks Game

    The Ball of Whacks is the perfect creativity tool for innovators, artists, engineers, writers, students, and you! This patented creative stimulant and mental refresher is more versatile than a puzzle and lots more fun than a brain teaser. Learn More
  4. Generic Scout Sunday Insert―Now in 25-Pack

    Generic Scout Sunday Insert―Now in 25-Pack

    Available in a new, smaller pack size — with 25 inserts — it’s now much easier to purchase just the number you need! And, no date appears on this generic form of the Scout Sunday bulletin insert so it may be used at any time throughout the year. Use as an insert into the regular church worship bulletin or as a handout to attendees during Scouting events. Insert has been updated to comply with new Cub Scout program. Measures 5½" X 8½". Learn More
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