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  1. Tiger Den Leader Guide Book

    Tiger Den Leader Guide Book

    This pamphlet provides den meeting plans developed around a Scouting program year presumed to begin in early September and continue through May. Plans are intended for the den leader’s use and include:
    • Programming for the program/school year, including rank advancement requirements for dens meeting twice a month
    • Additional programming for dens meeting year-round or more than twice per month
    • Activities – some designed to be partially completed in one meeting and finished in another, plus other activities or skills that are natural prerequisites for things that come later in the den’s year
    • Den meeting plans for each rank (designed to be conducted in sequential order)
    Note: local conditions (weather, events, etc.) or your den’s schedule may make altering the order of den meetings attractive. As a den leader, you may change the order as long as you make sure the change does not jeopardize the boys’ opportunity to earn their rank in the allotted time and it doesn’t disrupt the logical order of the activities and achievements. When there is any doubt, the planned order should be used. Please discuss any changes with your leadership team, as these alterations can also affect pack activities. Learn More
  2. The District Pamphlet

    The District Pamphlet

    The District Pamphlet Learn More
  3. The Constitution of the United States

    The Constitution of the United States

    Included among the most significant and most rewarding accomplishments of the Boy Scouts during its history (in terms of benefiting American citizenry) has been wholehearted support given to the Bicentennial of the US Constitution. The programs and activities of Scouting enables youngsters to understand and value the meaning of (and their responsibility to) the Constitution. Learn More
  4. Selecting District People

    Selecting District People

    In this new edition all references to highlight pamphlets were removed, catalog numbers were removed or updated, titles or publications were also updated. Contact information for reaching prospective volunteers was updated to include email address. Art work was changed to reflect new resources. Reference to Exploring was changed to Venturing, and new logo on back cover. Learn More
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