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  1. God and Family (Grades 4-5)

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    God and Family, the second program in the God and Country Series (a religious program of the church), is designed for children in 4th-5th grades. The goals of this program are: to provide an opportunity for young people and families to explore their faith together, to learn six ways of strengthening families through faith and to learn the Ten Commandments. As the title of this program implies, the learners will be expected to work with their families. Learn More
  2. First Aid Log

    The First Aid Log is a pamphlet of forms used to provide critical information and record keeping in case of an illness or injury requiring the intervention of a medical provider during a Scouting event. Learn More
  3. District Financial Committee Pamphlet

    Original Price:$5.99 Current Price: $3.98
    This compact book explains how to structure finance volunteers in the district. It includes a council annual fund-raising time line. Here you will find the finance policies of the BSA. It also suggests how to help units with finance. Learn More
  4. Cub Scouts® Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation Pamphlet

    This pamphlet provides information for conducting Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation which is part of the Cub Scout required training for new leaders, including:
    • Planning and Preparation for Training
    • Aims and Purposes
    • Lunch Preparation
    • Equipment
    • Campfire Planning and Demonstration
    • Health and Safety
    • After the Training
    Learn More
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