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  1. First Aid Log

    The First Aid Log is a pamphlet of forms used to provide critical information and record keeping in case of an illness or injury requiring the intervention of a medical provider during a Scouting event. Learn More
  2. District Financial Committee Pamphlet

    Original Price:$5.99 Current Price: $3.98
    This compact book explains how to structure finance volunteers in the district. It includes a council annual fund-raising time line. Here you will find the finance policies of the BSA. It also suggests how to help units with finance. Learn More
  3. Cub Scout™ Soccer Season 4 Pamphlets

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    Cub Scout Soccer Season 4 Pamphlets. Intended for adult den leaders. Learn More
  4. Cub Scouts® Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation Pamphlet

    This pamphlet provides information for conducting Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation which is part of the Cub Scout required training for new leaders, including:
    • Planning and Preparation for Training
    • Aims and Purposes
    • Lunch Preparation
    • Equipment
    • Campfire Planning and Demonstration
    • Health and Safety
    • After the Training
    Learn More
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