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  1. The Council Pamphlet

    The Council Pamphlet

    This booklet is the basic source of knowledge on council operations for all council-level Scouters, outlining how a council functions to carry out the purposes of the Boy Scouts of America. Includes important details about the four functions of council operations, basic committee tasks, special council committees, and council-level meetings. Pamphlet is three-hole-punched for your convenience. Learn More
  2. Selecting District People

    Selecting District People

    In this new edition all references to highlight pamphlets were removed, catalog numbers were removed or updated, titles or publications were also updated. Contact information for reaching prospective volunteers was updated to include email address. Art work was changed to reflect new resources. Reference to Exploring was changed to Venturing, and new logo on back cover. Learn More
  3. Handbook Anniversary Timeline Pamphlet

    Handbook Anniversary Timeline Pamphlet

    Originally printed for inclusion with the first 400,000 copies of the 12th Edition Boy Scout Handbook, this reproduction is packed full of historical milestones in BSA® history.Also includes a timeline of US history during the first 100 years of Scouting. Learn More
  4. God and Me (Grades 1-3)

    God and Me (Grades 1-3)

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    "God and Me," the first program in the God and Country Series (a religious program of the church), is designed for children in 1st-3rd grades. Its objectives are to help young people grow in their understanding of the Christian faith, to help young people see how other people have translated belief into action and to provide young people with the opportunity for Christian service to others. Learn More
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