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  1. Webelos Den Leader Guide Book – Spanish Language Version

    This Spanish-language pamphlet provides den meeting plans developed around a Scouting program year presumed to begin in early September and continue through May. For Webelos Scouts and their leaders, this year and the next are filled with excitement, growth, and challenge. Your boys will be moving from Cub Scouts toward the goal of becoming Boy Scouts. Along that trail they will pick up new skills and further develop their independence and character. As a leader you will be developing as well. With this guide, you’ll discover that Webelos (and den meeting plans) require more long-term planning on your part. While the den meeting plans provided here will take you and your boys through the achievement activities required for rank advancement, you will find that looking ahead can have significant planning benefits. Learn More
  2. BSA® Guide to Awards and Insignia

    This pamphlet presents detailed information to enable BSA members to wear the correct and complete uniform on all suitable occasions. Includes instructions for placement of awards and insignia on uniform. Learn More
  3. Guide to Advancement

    The official source for administering advancement in all Boy Scouts of America programs:
    • Cub Scouting
    • Boy Scouting
    • Varsity Scouting
    • Venturing
    • Sea Scouts
    Updated edition includes Frequently Asked Questions, Internet Advancement Highlights, and a helpful Appendix. This guide replaces the Advancement Committee Policies and Procedures (item #33088) and Guide to Advancement (item #614448), which are no longer valid. Learn More
  4. Cub Scouts® Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation Pamphlet

    This pamphlet provides information for conducting Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation which is part of the Cub Scout required training for new leaders, including:
    • Planning and Preparation for Training
    • Aims and Purposes
    • Lunch Preparation
    • Equipment
    • Campfire Planning and Demonstration
    • Health and Safety
    • After the Training
    Learn More
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