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  1. Ad Altare Dei Youth Manual

    The Ad Altare Dei (to the altar of God) program, designed to help Catholic Scouts of the Roman Rite develop a fully Christian way of life in the faith community. Learn More
  2. Pope Pius XII Facilitator Manual

    Original Price:$15.99 Current Price: $14.99
    National Catholic Committee on ScoutingĀ® religious emblem facilitator manual. Learn More
  3. A Scout is Reverent Catholic Prayer Manual

    A prayer manual for Scouts and Scouters of the Catholic Faith. Containing a compendium of prayers and practices useful to all Catholics, especially those involved in scouting. Learn More
  4. God and Church (Grades 6-8)

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    The "God and Family" program is the third program in the God and Country Series and is designed for youth in grades 6-8. The God and Country Series is a program of the church. Learn More
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