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  1. Ad Altare Dei Youth Manual

    Ad Altare Dei Youth Manual

    The Ad Altare Dei (to the altar of God) program, designed to help Catholic Scouts of the Roman Rite develop a fully Christian way of life in the faith community. Learn More
  2. Scout Reverence Interfaith Pamphlet

    Scout Reverence Interfaith Pamphlet

    In preparing boys for responsible citizenship, the BSA recognizes an obligation to God as well as the religious element in member training. This nonsectarian guideline is an excellent resource for interfaith—Christian, Jewish and Muslim—worship, encouraging members to strengthen their own relationship with God through personal prayer, and to set examples for others through their conduit. It also provides information on the religious emblems program. Learn More
  3. In Our Own Way

    In Our Own Way

    This inspiring resource includes prayers from more than 30 world faith traditions, along with Scout prayers, benedictions and other devotions from both historical and contemporary sources. In Our Own Way is compiled and edited by Dr. Robert Lee Edmonds, an Eagle Scout and recipient of the BSA’s Honor Medal, with over 25 years of volunteer service to Scouting. This book offers reverent support to the Religious Emblems Program or interfaith religious services during troop outings. Learn More
  4. Pope Pius XII Facilitator Manual

    Pope Pius XII Facilitator Manual

    Original Price:$15.99 Current Price: $14.99
    National Catholic Committee on Scouting® religious emblem facilitator manual. Learn More
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